Leaders in Absence Management & Return to Work Solutions

Leaders in Absence Management & Return to Work Solutions

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Our Services



Education and training on absence management, vocational rehabilitation, and effective job retention and redeployment strategies



Leading absence and disability management tools, including the internationally recognized reference and analytics tool, Reed MD Guidelines.

KMG Services: People


Professional Placement of experienced vocational experts to support short and long term HR requirements and internal absence management strategies.

KMG Services: Advice


Consulting  Services to develop, implement and monitor effective programs for absence management, return to work and job redeployment

About KMG

Established in 1996, KMG Health Partners began as a health and rehabilitation company specializing in integrated and effective absence and disability management services for government and private sector organizations. Building on our success in Canada with internationally recognized education programs, well-researched evaluation tools, and innovative management strategies, KMG expanded into the UK in 2004 and now delivers our education, consulting, management tools, and placement services internationally.  Our management team brings extensive rehabilitation, occupational health, medical, and vocational expertise to support an interdisciplinary, integrated approach to absence management and return to work. For over 20 years, KMG has successfully delivered local services based on national and international standards, and continues to develop effective disability management solutions to support our client’s objectives.


Executive Team


Karen Michelazzi

Chief executive

Ms. Michelazzi brings over thirty years experience in senior management and consulting roles in the health and absence management field, and has worked extensively with both public and private health care organizations.

Gail Kovacs

Director of Education & Professional Development

With 44+ years of experience, Gail is an internationally recognized expert in return to work and absence management. She has been instrumental in developing the Vocational Standards of Practice in both Canada and the UK.

Ben Andrews

Director of IT &
Client Services

Ben has worked extensively as an absence management professional, and is a certified OH & S auditor. He has overseen the development of IT solutions for professionals and organizations who seek to improve their absence management programs. Ben’s commitment to service excellence supports KMG’s legacy of long-standing customer relationships.

Frank Loritz

Director of Medical & Specialized AssessmentS

Dr. Loritz is a licensed physician and certified assessor for catastrophic disability. His extensive experience in the delivery of assessment services provides customers and clients with evidence based information to make defensible decisions on return to work and absence management.